This page only lists the official extensions for Server Farmer. See this page to find out, how to install these extensions, and how to create your own ones.

Special, always installed extensions

sf-keysprovides ssh/gpg management keys (this is the only extension you should fork and use your own version)
sf-farm-rolesprovides lists of system software packages that should be installed on server performing a given role
sf-packagesprovides scripts to manipulate system software packages (install, uninstall, upgrade etc.)
sf-reposconfigures the system software repositories on server
sf-systembase system detection and configuration scripts

Security related extensions

sf-secure-fsenforce secure directory layout (ordinary users no longer see contents of system configuration directories)
sf-secure-sshdunified and secured sshd configuration, that allows logging in as root using ssh key only, and disables dangerous options
sf-secure-kernelsecure Linux kernel configuration, immune to all wide-known DDoS attack types
sf-secure-systeminstalls additional security tools (debsums, rkhunter), ensures that snapd is uninstalled on console-only servers
sf-detect-suspiciousdetects suspicious and possible unwanted activities on server (ngrok tunnels, cryptocurrency miners etc.)
sf-securityproxy extension for installing above security-related extensions
sf-gpgbackup encryption ability for Server Farmer
sf-ip-allocsincludable lists of IP address ranges allocated for several ISPs, mainly from Poland
sf-ip-fwbuilding blocks to build your own firewall solution, based on raw iptables
sf-ip-noipv6disables IPv6 connectivity at various levels
sf-log-monitornotifies about unexpected/suspicious entries in syslog logs (including from remote hosts)
sf-motionvisual surveillance solution using open source "motion" software, and set of cheap USB cameras

Infrastructure monitoring extensions

sf-monitoring-heartbeatdetects active services on local machine and report their list to heartbeat system
sf-monitoring-smarthard drive health monitoring using SMART, reporting to heartbeat system, NewRelic and Cacti
sf-monitoring-spacedisk space monitoring, with autodiscovery of important directories
sf-monitoring-mysqlinstalls newrelic-mysql-plugin with fully automated configuration for local mysql database server
sf-monitoring-newrelicdependency extension for NewRelic (license key configuration only)
sf-monitoring-backupeasy monitoring of backup sizes and backup collector activities using NewRelic platform
sf-monitoring-snmpdunified snmpd configuration to allow monitoring current server through SNMP protocol
sf-monitoring-cactiadditional Cacti-specific reporting of statistics not available through SNMP
sf-cache-utilsdependency extension, configure temporary directory used by monitoring scripts
sf-ip-monitornotifies sysadmin about sudden external IP changes
sf-standby-monitorprevents overheating of USB external hard drives
sf-thermal-utilsdependency extension, scripts to read CPU temperatures on various hardware
sf-net-utilsdependency extension, various scripts and functions related to network management
sf-db-utilsdependency extension, autodiscovery of database credentials

Infrastructure management extensions

sf-log-manageranalyze syslog-related system configuration and install proper logging extensions
sf-log-receiverrsyslog configuration profile - central log storage
sf-log-forwarderrsyslog configuration profile - forwards logs from current host to central log storage
sf-log-rotatelogrotate configuration profiles
sf-mta-manageranalyze mail-related system configuration and install proper MTA extension
sf-mta-forwarderminimal MTA, forwarding all messages to other host in LAN
sf-mta-relayfull MTA (based on Postfix), forwarding all messages to external SMTP relay, using SSL, with message queue etc.
sf-passwd-utilsdependency extension, scripts to manage system users and groups
sf-farm-managerprovides set of simple tools to manage your server farm
sf-farm-inspectorprovides tools to analyze the health level of your server farm
sf-imap-managerprovides tools to manage users on distributed IMAP servers
sf-router-managerprovides tools to manage Cisco and MikroTik routers
sf-rsync-managerprovides tools to manage office backup services
sf-samba-managerprovides tools to manage users on distributed Samba servers
sf-backupbackup functionality for local machines, with automatic data source detection
sf-backup-collectorcentral backup functionality for small and medium server farms
sf-db-toolsscripts to manage MySQL and Postgres database servers
sf-ntpmaintain local time on current machine using ntpdate

Cloud deployment extensions

sf-cloud-client-alibabaclient for Alibaba Cloud
sf-cloud-client-azureclient for Microsoft Azure
sf-cloud-client-e24client for
sf-cloud-client-ec2client for Amazon Web Services
sf-cloud-client-gceclient for Google Cloud Platform
sf-cloud-client-hetznerclient for Hetzner Cloud
sf-cloud-client-rackspaceclient for Rackspace Cloud
sf-cloud-utilsadditional tools for cloud operations
sf-farm-provisioningquickly deploy Server Farmer in unattended mode to new hosts (cloud instances, dedicated servers etc.)

Standard software installers

sf-java8Oracle Java 8 JRE
sf-openvzOpenVZ environment for Debian Wheezy using Proxmox VE kernel
sf-phpunified configuration of PHP 5.x and 7.x
sf-rarRAR for Linux compression software
sf-rsshrestricted shell for OpenSSH

Commercial services

sf-app-deploysimple standalone Continuous Integration process for software built from single Git repository integration tools, to build complex Continuous Integration processes for bigger applications
sf-apache22-serverunified Apache httpd 2.2 configuration (only for 2.2 configured Debian-way)
sf-tomcat-serverunified Apache Tomcat 7, 8, 8.5 or 9 configuration
sf-imap-servercomplete IMAP server for small and middle companies, combined with fetchmail
sf-imap-storagecentral storage and backup solution for managed IMAP servers
sf-moosefs-servera bunch of useful management scripts for MooseFS
sf-rsync-servercomplete office backup solution for small and middle companies
sf-samba-servermanaged Samba solution for small and medium companies
sf-storage-utilsdependency extension, various scripts and functions related to physical drives and LUKS encryption

Other extensions

sf-helloworlddemonstation, how to write your own extensions
sf-mc-blackblack color theme for Midnight Commander
sf-sms-smsapiSMS sender script, using service
sf-qnapstuff specific to QNAP devices with QTS firmware
sf-versioningdependency extension, tools for versioning data files

Deprecated extensions

sf-hardware-utilshardware management scripts, superseded by sf-storage-utils extension
sf-tomcat8-serverunified Apache Tomcat 8.0.x configuration, superseded by sf-tomcat-server extension